At B-MRI, we specialize in providing effective strategic guidance to CEOs and business leaders. Our unique approach, called Business-MRI, utilizes a holistic mapping method to objectively assess a company's strategies in relation to the competitive market environment.

Our mission is to help business leaders navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace.

Our goal is to help our clients identify and prioritize the most impactful strategies for achieving their business objectives. Our methodology is designed to be quick, accurate, and actionable, ensuring that our clients are able to make informed decisions and take action in a timely manner to meet their goals.

Our methodology is designed to be quick, accurate, and efficient and enables our clients to have a comprehensive examination of their organizational activity set-up and target the elements of their activity that need to be refined or innovated in the strategies they employ. Our approach is to focus on strategies that have the most direct influence on the client's business results, the achievement of their goals, and the promotion of their growth engines.

Whether you're looking to improve your market position or streamline your operations, B-MRI's expert team is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed."


B-MRI is led by Ariel Ben Ami and Eliezer Cohen, two experts in the fields of marketing and strategy who have extensive experience working with organizations and businesses of all sizes. Our multi-disciplinary team of external experts brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Ariel Ben Ami, Founder, and co-CEO is a seasoned marketing and strategy consultant with a wealth of experience in the field. He holds degrees in marketing, organizational consulting, and management, making him an expert in strategic thinking and planning. With years of experience in consulting and providing strategic, organizational, and marketing support for businesses and organizations, he has also gained a wealth of knowledge in leading organizational and business changes. Ariel is also a highly respected lecturer, leading workshops and seminars on marketing and strategic thinking, and a certified business mentor by the Ministry of Economy.

Eliezer Cohen, founder, and co-CEO is a visionary futurist, strategy, communications, and marketing consultant, with years of diverse experience working with CEOs and senior management, domestically and internationally. His approach to work is characterized by an ability to think outside the box while providing practical yet creative solutions to any challenges. His background in business, marketing strategies, and branding makes him an expert in guiding companies and leaders to a clearer vision for their future. "

Conventionally unconventional

We understand that the need for constant business renewal in the face of economic and marketing uncertainty, multi-tasking and competitiveness, budgetary and resource limitations, makes the importance of implementing correct work strategies extremely significant.

Similar to the 80/20 Pareto Principle, focusing on the most important strategies that most influence business results, growth, and achieving goals is critical.

We get to the critical issues by focusing on the issues and data that are relevant and of prime importance, those with the greatest correlation to the growth engines of the company/organization. We believe this is the best way to achieve simplicity and efficiency in focusing on what is most relevant and influential for the bottom line.

Our unique ‘Core Focus’ method leads a multi-stage diagnostic process that includes an examination of the overall set-up of the activity, the concentration on the core issues, assessment of gaps, existing strategic conduct on the core issues, and the position or change in the relevant strategies required.

We offer consulting and accompanying services, One-on-one strategic focus with CEO, and Strategic thinking workshops for teams. With our strategic focus and efficient work process, we are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals.

Our Services:

We offer a range of consulting services to help businesses achieve success, including:

  • Consulting and Accompaniment with a Strategic Focus: Utilizing our unique Core Focus method, we provide a multi-stage diagnostic process that includes an examination of the overall setup of an organization or company, identifying core issues, assessing gaps, and developing a plan for change or refinement of existing strategies.
  • One-on-one Strategic Focus with CEO: This process includes challenging the CEO on the essence of their company's or organization's strategy, providing our professional opinion, conducting research and analysis, conducting a strategic brainstorming session, and developing a clear, ongoing action plan.
  • Strategic Thinking Workshop for Teams: We understand that in today's business environment, strategic thinking is essential for success. This type of thinking allows for a multidimensional perspective that takes into account goals, methods of action, limitations, opportunities, core capabilities, external environment, and prioritization. Our workshops will train and practice with teams in strategic ways of thinking while applying this approach to different fields of activity.


The principles of B-MRI Strategic Focus:

  • A key principle of our strategic focus approach is understanding the true definition of strategy and its role in promoting growth and addressing obstacles.
  • A comprehensive and effective strategy connects company/organization goals, performance, core capabilities, opportunities, current challenges, and future obstacles.
  • The true value of a strategy lies in its ability to be implemented. This requires a focus on determination, core abi,lities and aspirations.
  • A crucial aspect of our approach is the clear distinction between strategy and tactics.
  • Strategy is a task that should be prioritized by managers at all levels, and translated into a winning strategy in their respective fields.
  • Identifying the present and future strategic implications of each parameter, and correctly classifying them in terms of priority for the company/organization's actions is essential for effective and applicable strategic planning and focus.
  • The CEO/management's attention should be directed towards the strategies that are the main drivers of organizational business growth.
  • A business organization or any organizational/business entity may find it challenging to examine and evaluate the degree of its strategic activity in its various components and its contribution to achieving desired outcomes and goals.
  • The methodology employed in the strategic diagnosis process is of great importance, as it instills focus and precision in thinking and working for the company/organization.

Strategic focus also requires the ability to classify knowledge and insights, and distill conclusions and insights effectively."

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